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Sneakertopia decided to host a four-month pop-up​ museum dedicated to sneaker culture. To achieve this, they hired ArtxCo to take care of everything, from ideation to implementation. Our services included:


- Identifying and securing a 15,000 sf venue space.

- Concepting the entire exhibit. 

- Onboarding 20+ artists, fabricators and designers.

- Managing the event staff.

- Producing special events, including the VIP Preview Night.

 - Augmenting the art installations with our ART HOUSE app.

- Projection mapping art installations.

- Producing event merchandise and managing the supply chain.

- Facilitating guided tours of the exhibit.


The scope of work resulted in a 15,000 sf pop-up museum that brought guests along the journey of sneaker culture through all of the fields that it influences and has been influenced by: sports, music, film, art, design, fashion and technology.  Multi-sensory and multi-generational. Informative and immersive. Interactive and Instagrammable.

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